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THE NEXT BWAC BOARD MEETING IS MAY 28 - 29, 2014 AT VIRGINIA TECH. Click here for detailed information on the board meeting and access to the registration link!

Information on the Wireless @ Virginia Tech Symposium now available!


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Virginia Tech students only! will be using the joint Wireless@Virginia Tech and BWAC posters.

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Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center (BWAC)

BWAC Organizational photo

The Broadband Wireless Access & Applications Center ( BWAC ) is a multi- university research center sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under its Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) program. BWAC partner universities (sites) include University of Arizona, Auburn University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and the University of Notre Dame. The primary mission of BWAC is to work with industry and academic partners to pursue large-scale research projects, address challenging spectrum access problems through novel broadband technologies, and create new visions for the wireless industry.

BWAC researchers work closely with industrial partners through its Industrial Affiliates Program for the purpose of furthering research and developing new and innovative wireless technologies and applications. Each university has an in-house department or “center”, dedicated to the further development of wireless applications and technology, with each department serving as a part of the overall center. Virginia Tech is now accepting sponsorships of its center.

Research Thrust Areas of BWAC

The research thrusts of the Center include opportunistic spectrum access and allocation, spectrum trading and auctions, wireless cyber security, cognitive sensor networks of heterogeneous devices, image and video compression technologies, and integrated circuit and low-power design for broadband. Each university site has its own unique set of research thrusts, which leverages its areas of expertise and contributes to the overall mission of BWAC. The Virginia Tech site is currently focusing its research efforts in the following areas:
  • spectrum enforcement, security, and privacy in spectrum sharing
  • mobility support for opportunistic spectrum access
  • co-design and coexistence of heterogeneous wireless systems including coexistence of radar and communication systems
  • security issues in cognitive radio networks
  • wireless healthcare
  • application of cognitive radio technologies in LTE
  • prototyping and testing via large-scale cognitive radio testbeds
  • Security and privacy in wireless systems and networks

New! Our most recent copy of the BWAC Flyer is now available!

Additional information on the BWAC mission and structure is available at the BWAC at Arizona website.

News & Events

New! The BWAC Agenda has been finalized!

New! BWAC Reception details are now available!

Dr. Jerry Park presents at the FCC Workshop on Spectrum Access System in Washington, DC. on January 14, 2014.

BWAC in the News! Dr. Jerry Park gives interview with WFIR, 107.3 radio! A mp3 version is available here!

Virginia Tech's BWAC site featured online at!

Welcome to Northrop Grumman and Zeta Associates!

Virginia Tech's BWAC site welcomes Northrop Grumman and Zeta Associates, Inc. to its Industrial Affiliates Program!

Introducing the new BWAC Newsletter



BWAC Spring 2014 Board Meeting Date has been set! Board meeting information is now available!